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OPW is nearly finished, but my work with the documentation on the other hand is not. After you have opened the door of documentation you can never really close it. There is always some room for improvements. Being introduced to a community thorough a program like this is brilliant. Initially, you have the brand of being a newbie and you are allowed to make all the mistakes and ask all the silly questions without feeling embarrassed.

My project, JavaScripter’s guide to GNOME has found it’s target, the developer docs. Talking about the developer story in Brno formed the idea that we need to have a staggered approach to the docs. Something for the beginners and something for more advanced users, so something for different skill levels. This way we can attract more people with different skill sets. If we can get to developers in an early stage, well have amazing developers later on with thorough knowledge of the platform from a longer time period.

For me the defining moment in this project was the Brno hackfest. That event sealed the feeling that I have found something I feel I belong to. GNOME, after the hackfest there is no way you are going to lose me, whether you like it or not!

The leap to become a developer has been a joyful one, with the necessary WTF moments. I have learned a lot and I still keep learning new things every day. I can’t emphasize enough of the meaning of the hackfest for me, it made all the difference, so all the future students should be brought to a hackfest as soon as possible. That is the way you get to keep us. For the future OPW and GSoC interns I have just one advice: enjoy.


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