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A complete Adventure.

That’s it. I claim my GSoC10 project finished.

And what did I actually do? I coded like a mad person at times, slept much too little, found myself in odd places, took some time off and did nothing related to my project, swam in the sea of despair, learned a lot and had fun.

The application is not in all parts what I planned it to be and in some parts it’s more than I expected. Now the version 1.0 is in extras-testing. It would be nice to hear some testing reports, the bug tracker can be found in GitHub . Hopefully soon enough I’ll have the opportunity to just lay back and watch people going on their adventures. A short introduction to the application can be found in the tab the Tablet of Adventure.

Although the GsoC10 project is finished, the work with the Tablet of Adventure is not. I have couple of ideas of how I could make my software more versatile. And then there will be the versions. First an Ubuntu desktop version, so you can watch where your friends are going. And if I get to an agreement with my University I’ll make my software run on Android too. And so on. This was only the beginning.

artwork by Nina Mutik (nina.mutik (a) gmail.com)


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