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no play?

What was I thinking,  all work and no play? It’s a game, it’s fun!

And now some testing. My destination is a nearby beach 😀


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Almost there

The project is nearing it’s end. Social features are forming up, the UI is getting more refined forms and the amount of rows in my code is building up. At this point in my code I’m making things work rather than making the code look good. There is some refactoring ahead.

The program itself has gotten an adventure editor, where you can form your own adventures. Click on the map and a headline and you are on your way. In settings you can change your buttons colour and soon enough you can read comments and see where other participants are.

The next release will probably happen during the weekend. Before that it’s work work work and no play.

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Packing Up

I established a page on Maemo wiki for my project. I’ll update features there as I go along. I’ll blog about major changes.

I have been testing my application with hardcoded missions. My brand new license to drive a motorcycle has been a brilliant aid in testing. Motorcycle is a fast and convenient way to get to places. Every visit to a friend or a beach has been altered to a mission. As I test the app, it gets more features as I notice what works and what doesn’t. The formerly enormous battery usage has been diminished to reasonable battery usage. Distance to destination gets more precise when you become nearer the target. The program has an ending, small checkered flag with congratulations when you reach your destination.

And finally now, the whole thing is packaged in Maemo extras-devel and extras testing (many thanks to my mentor). And it works! Not only on my N900 🙂 Version 0.1 has also been tagged in GitHub

Next it is off to Poland tomorrow. A week of Medieval camping and shooting with the Fat Catherine sisterhood.

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