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An evening stroll

Next week I’ll be concentrating on minor details

Like getting the application working on N900 and both on GeoClue and Maemo’s liblocation 😀

When you move towards the Geohash the map will follow you.

If you want to try it on your N900, make a git checkout of the application, ensure you have python-location and python-osmgpsmap installed and run map.py.


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One evening and the map works. Two whole days and I still cant get bearing calculation working. Mathematics is definitely not my strongest area. I think I’m calling in the medics with the mess of calculating bearings.

I originally thought I would use PyQt but as it turns out, there is no map widget available for that on Maemo. So PyGtk and osm-gps-map it is, the map widget is already being used in other Maemo applications. My mentor contacted the osm-gps-map team and they were nice enough to verify that their widget can support custom CloudMade maps. This means I will be able to design a map style that fits the spirit of my application.

If you want to see the map part working, try running map.py from my GitHub repository. Here is how it looks like on an Ubuntu Netbook:

Next week I’ll be concentrating on minor details and organizing an event for nearly 600 persons. After that it’s an intensive week wrapping this up for midterm evaluation.

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import adventure

Last couple of weeks have been really busy. I have been dividing my time with work for my application and work for University. The last exams and essays are over and done with. Now I can concentrate fully to my coding.

My coding has been a deep plunge to Python and mathematics. Understanding the principles with the xkcd geohashing algorithms and researching for geographical tools and methods. Google has been a dear source for me lately. It’s knowledge I need and search engines give it to me rather easily. I have also raided a couple of my friends offices out of their books on Python and Qt. During this time I’ve been working with my assigned project mentor quite a lot, getting help with some obstacles that had gotten me stuck.

I established an Github repository for my project. I’ll be sharing and managing my code there from now on, so you all can go and take a look of what I’m coming up with. At this point there isn’t that much, but I have a lot of things brewing in my mind.

What works:

Geohash algorithm, Midgard, location(partly), distance between points, checking for internet connection.

What doesn’t wok:

Social features, bearing, map, and GUI

And this week, ill be concentrating on bearing and the map component

suski, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is:

Today’s Geohash is in Lahti (60.8959922841, 25.9775894322), some 88 km away from you

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